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Obi The Super Puppy

My dog Obi is an amazing dog. He has and continues to make a positive difference in the lives of young people every day. He is one of Labs ‘n Life’s foundation dogs and has worked with kids who greatly need love, care and a sense of self worth. Obi loves his job and he never missses a kid. He always makes them smile and knows instinctively what to do. He really is a super hero. As he gets older he is no longer actually working, but he still comes out to supervise the puppies and make sure all the kids are doing okay. He will plod along next to the mentors who find students. He will lie next to the kids that are upset; and he will act the clown and play with the kids that need a laugh. Obi and the other dogs of Labs ‘n Life have an amazing view of the world. They don’t care where these kids come from; how bad their lives have been; or what they did yesterday. All they want is to please them and make them feel wanted. These kids train our dogs as companion dogs for other kids on the Autism Spectrum. This gives them a great responsibility and they love every minute. Their own self esteem and sense of self worth ins elevated because of the opportunities they get to work with our amazing labradors. At Labs ‘n Life we stop thinking about youth problems as the principal barrier to youth development and start thinking of youth development as the most effective strategy for preventing youth problems.

Obi is a big part of that, and his life has now begun to be celebrated in his very own book: Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist.

-Ashley Howland

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Remembering Neverland

When we were kids anything was possible, we could fly, go to other worlds, be anything we wanted. When we get older we lose that idealism and become “grounded” in this world, we do the things we are suppose to be doing because thats what we have been told all our lives that’s what a responsible adult does. Yet so many of these “responsible adults” are so miserable, why is that? What are they missing? I think it is because they have lost that part of them that believes that anything is possible, the part of them that dreams.
-David Earl
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We always say ‘accidents happen’. Well, accident don’t just happen without a cause. In my world, there’s no coincidence because of the law of ’cause & effect’. Those who say accidents happen lack the real power of perspective. The book of Proverbs says: “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” Can you see the call of wisdom for life evaluation in action? Therefore with proper motivation, nothing becomes impossible. “It is the Lord’s blessing that brings wealth, and no effort can substitute for it.” (Proverbs 10:22)

-Kingsley Njoku

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Color Saturation

For most of my life I have been a creative person, not by design, but by inner direction. The sensitivities of my soul take various forms of expression, flowing out through the pores of creativity that permeate my being. As a visual artist I have spent decades drawing and painting the world I see, trying to capture the feeling evoked through form and value. For years I labored to portray form as realistically as possible until I came finally to feel something deeper than surface images. I began to feel a deeper dimension of the essence lying potentially within each thing in my environment. So I began to paint with color saturation…more intensity and purity of color, an interplay of contrasts, and people began to not only see my paintings, but to feel them as well. Now a slightly different stage of creativity is bursting forth from within me. Actually it has been there getting minimal recognition for a long time, in the background, under the surface, barely seeping out through the cracks of my creative endeavors. It is the creative expression of writing. Having just completed my first novel, “Welcome Home,” I have opened the cover over this creative flow to reveal deeper hues of emotion; experience; the interplays of everyday life; the divine touch of redemption that brings hope and vitality to the human soul…allowing these “colors” to burst forth in imaginative prose to hopefully plumb the depth of color in other souls. Now writing my sequel, “Boondoggle,” I am finding more colors of emotion and experience resident in grief and recovery to flow through my pen into fresh, imaginative visualization. This “color saturation” brings joy and fulfillment to my innermost self, and I offer it to you as well.

-Hugh Harris

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Vibrant Vision

It has the culture sprawling thousands of centuries with various sub cultures, languages, dialects, faiths, religions and beliefs. It keeps changing languages every ten kilometers just as change in facial features, complexion, structures and life styles. It is like vibgeor coming out of nothing. The essence of this description is India and Indianness.

To know about this country and its people and their ways and means of living takes quite sometime. One birth does not suffice!! The Vedas talk about births and rebirths, explains scientifically on subtler levels of moving on. Whether urban or rural, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, all have a deeprooted faith in oneness of this country.

There are historical figures like the moghul king Akbar, Rani Laxmi Bai, Rana Pratap, Shivaji, who have made their presence felt on the path of time. Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh up to Mahatma Gandhi to name a few have contributed passionately to liberalising country’s freedom from the clutches of British colonizers.

Recently the Nobel Laureates like Rabindranath Tagore and Amarthya Sen have excelled in their own fields. This country is vibrant, in the sense it has absorbed the essence of other cultures, has provided home for the invaders, flexed their minds to accommodate all kinds of people, faiths and religions and has proved to the world that the real democracy is respecting every individual, being empathetic and sensitive to every kind of life whether it is humans, animals or trees.

Why should I not be proud to be a part of such a country? I bow my head to such a nation.

-sumathi kulkarni

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Magnetizing A Different World

To sell millions around the world and to have my books become movies.

-Patricia Thomas
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The Creative Word

I feel we as authors have a gift. This gift has not been given all, but we can share this gift through our creative words. We can release our imagination and spread our stories to all. I have released new people and lives through Two Sister Torn and I fully believe after reading their story my readers will grow to like and maybe even love them. My characters are full and very real. They suffer from the same faults and woes that affect many real people. They have strenths and hopes that motivate them on and in the story they grow and become better persons. I truly feel my reader will enjoy and also grow from these life lessons.

-Mary Jackson

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Do We Belong to Ourselves?

As a wave submerged among other waves, most of the time I feel myself lost in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. When night falls, no sooner is my wish granted to savor my solitude to explore myself, to spend a little time with myself, to listen to my inner self, and to attend my soul, than I fall asleep. Thus, life continues, unrecognized, unidentified, undiscovered, and I find myself so drowned in the song and dance of life that I suspect I belong to myself. 
To know ourselves better, to identify ourselves truly, to discover our real nature and personality, we need to stop, dismount from the horse of our daily business and engagements, drop our luggage, and spend a little while for ourselves to retire from the world and retire into ourselves. Thus, we have the opportunity to seclude ourselves for meditation, to interact with ourselves, to examine ourselves, to probe into the depth of our thoughts, to furrow our personality, and to enter our soul. In so doing, we start to really serve ourselves. 
There are a lot of ways and reasons that we are estranged and disconnected from ourselves. The way I characterized myself above, social life or daily business is one important factor through which we are disconnected from our true selves. On a daily basis, faced with an array of duties involving business, political, social responsibilities, and interacting with family members, relatives, friends, meeting with different people, known and unknown, we have no time to spend with ourselves. 
There is another more dangerous factor that even distances and isolates us from our selves—self-indulgence, which leaves us no time to meditate upon our lives, to examine ourselves, to discover the true value of us. Once we have assessed ourselves, we start to redress the balance, mend our defects, and straighten our lives. Then we will enjoy a decent, spiritual life, life worthy of human, life that can contribute to the human society and gives it elegance, grace, beauty, taste, tone and tune. 
What is ironic is that the more we are involved in the outside world, the more we become isolated from ourselves. But in solitude, in which we find ourselves back, we have the opportunity to scrutinize and examine our mental and moral qualities and actions, distinguishing between wrong and right. Then we can serve ourselves both spiritually and emotionally and can claim that we really belong to ourselves, that cooperation is established between our spiritual and physical spheres, and that our lives become beautiful both from within and without.

-Sayed Rohani

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The Mercenary


-Ed Prevo

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Picture it packed with emotion for maximal impregnation of your mind!

…Your emotional brain, or limbic system represents the seat of all your visualized goals. When your thinking brain, or frontal cortex decides to act, it is receiving prompts from down below, in it’s limbic cellar. Affirmations alone, whilst helping reframe your daily thoughts, lack the punch of your vividly pictured goals. Pictures, or images created in your head of you enjoying, basking and wallowing in the joy of your achieved success work best. These pictures rewire your emotional or limbic sytem within your brain.
The thinking brain tries to seek out these pleasurable feelings, that the limbic system will provide, which you have initiated with the pictures you have visualized over and over. It creates memories most strongly with your most heartfelt longings. My book - Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets devotes a whole chapter to this power of visualization within you. Believe. It truly does reprogram your brain. The irony that Strategic Books has devoted this blog to the power of visualization, whilst one of its own authors, a practicing Ophthalmologist, has brought out a book based on this very topic is not lost on me. And, yes, I used visualization , and do so daily to help me achieve my accomplishments. You can to. Perhaps, I have mused, the occipital cortex ( that part of your brain that creates images from your eyes input) has as its primary function not to scan our visual environment, but is secondary to the rejigging of our brains in a recursive neuroplasticity. Perhaps it’s first job is to be the visualization center that primes our emotional drives. Time will tell, meanwhile – use it!

-Lancaster Adams

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